And the winner for best name goes to…

Each year, Name of the Year (NOTY) brings us a March Madness style tournament of hilarious and some unfortunate names. The team at NOTY has reportedly ran a contest since 1983 — back when the founders were still in college — when they were comically inspired by a few athletes’ names. The very first winner, back in 1983, was Hector Macho Camacho.

And best of all, these are real people with REALLY AWESOME names. NOTY even ‘features’ a few of the ‘contestants’. Below, take a look at the story behind the 11th seed out of the Sithole Region. Again, that was SITHOLE, not ‘shithole’. Chrome’s auto-correction tool believes it should be shibboleth, which is “is an old belief or saying that is repetitively cited but untrue”. I guess that’s somewhat ironic….

Meet Bumper Pool:

Mr. Pool is a junior at Lovejoy High School in Texas, and after he graduates in 2018, he has committed to play football at the University of Arkansas. In his young career, he has already become a force to be reckoned with at the inside linebacker position. ESPN has listed him as one of the top 300 recruits nationwide in the class of 2018, and he received offers from a dozen top football schools before ultimately choose to play for the Razorbacks.

Mr. Pool’s dad would certainly agree with the assertion that the name he chose for his son has given Bumper strength, since he knew from day one his son would have a talent for sports. “”I always said if I had a son, his first name would be Bumper,” Jeff Pool told Bleacher Report back in 2015. “It kind of fit as a football name, and when his grandparents were OK with that, I knew we had something.” The elder Pool claims to have decided on the name Bumper after receiving a vision in high school. One is left to wonder whether that vision occurred in a smoky billiards hall or a bustling lounge.

Thank you, Jeff Pool. You are a bastion of creativity.

There are some ‘creative’ people in this world

Since 1983, NOTY has handed out the NOTY trophy for some rather unique names:

  • 1992: Assumption Bulltron (Name of the Decade)
  • 1992: Excellent Raymond
  • 1993: Crescent Dragonwagon
  • 1998: L.A. St. Louis
  • 2000: Nimrod Weiselfish
  • 2004: Jerome Fruithandler
  • 2008: Spaceman Africa
  • 2010: Steele Sidebottom
  • 2011: Taco B.M. Monster
  • 2015: Amanda Mirand Panda
  • 2016: Pope McCorkle III

I can barely hold it together while writing this. If you’ve got some time on your hands and want a really good laugh today, take a look at the founding story and check out the archives list (halfway down the page, on the right).

This year, there are some great contenders. The top 4 seeds:

  • Kobe Buffalomeat
  • Chardonnay Pantastico
  • Marmaduke Trebilcock
  • Quindarious Monday

If you feel like playing along, head on over to their home page and cast your ballot for the best name of 2017!

My personal favorites — not including the top seeds above:

  • BonJovi Hardeman
  • Magic Urika
  • Dr. Prospero Gogo
  • Kitty Chiller
  • Brickman House
  • Sultan McDoom
  • Boats Botes

You can take a look at the official bracket below.

And the winner for best name goes to...


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