2 browser extension that can save you money

Thanks to some savvy and friendly developers, there are now two unique and super helpful browser extensions that can help you save money when you’re shopping online.

For those of you who don’t know much about browser extensions, these plug-ins, which are like tiny apps or programs, sit in the background of your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and make your Internet experience significantly better.

Not only can these tiny programs help you save money (as you’ll read below), but they can also highlight text on a webpage, check your grammar, or if you’re like me and have 15+ tabs open at once to where you can no longer read the titles, they can condense all your tabs into one, easy-to-read tab.

Here are three programs that can do those things:

Save hard-earned cash with these two helpful browser extensions

Now let’s talk about saving money!

How Honey can save you big bucks when shopping online

The first extension to add/download is Honey.

Honey, based in Downtown L.A., is a startup with a fun culture that’s built a super useful tool focused on saving consumers money. The company’s extension is a revolutionary tool for online shopping that’s helped save me hundreds of dollars.

To install the extension, visit joinhoney.com and simply click on the orange button labeled “Get Honey for Free” (see image below). The site will automatically recognize your browser and prompt you to install the extension.

Website popup displaying signup instructions

Now on to the fun part…

There are two ways to use Honey: automatically or manually. Thanks to some coding magic and a partnership with over 7,000 stores, Honey will automatically detect when you’ve reached the checkout page of one of their partner stores.

Once you’ve reached the payment section, you get to see the real magic: a friendly pop-up appears and asks if you’d like to “Apply Coupons” or “Save Money” (uh, YES!).

Honey's in-browser popup that appears during checkout

From there, you would simply click on that familiar orange button and watch Honey doing its thing.

Once Honey cycles through the list of coupon codes stored in its database, another pop-up will alert you of your savings – and often, it can be a HUGE amount (I’ve scored 50% off on a few items).

Then there’s the manual method of saving money with Honey: first, click on the browser extension icon (usually located in your browser’s toolbar – see the orange “h” below).

Screenshot of a browser's toolbar with the Honey extension highlighted

You’ll then see another popup appear displaying several coupon codes for the online store you’ve just visited. Honey's in-browser popup

Next, simply click on the code that’s relevant for your item(s) to copy it to your clipboard.

Finally, once you’ve reached the checkout page, simply paste that code into the promo/coupon code field. That’s it – money back into your pocket!

Additionally, the extension will also spider through Amazon.com and find the best price for your selected product from all sellers, including third-party sellers. The extension will also provide coupons (somewhat rare on Amazon) when you reach the checkout page.

Currently, Honey is running promotions for new accounts that reward users with a surprise discount between 1% and 16%. Overall, this extension is a handy item you need to add your to savings tool belt!

Another tool to help you save on Amazon

The other handy extension is The Camelizer.

While this extension is Amazon-specific, it provides a significant amount of pricing data for almost every product on Amazon.

Here’s some of the key info the tool provides:

  • lowest and highest item price (1 month to all time)
  • comparison chart over time
  • inventory tracker.

Additionally, provided you have an account with Camelizer, you can track prices and receive email alerts when your selected product hits your desired price!

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this article for Clark.com


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